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Cosy and luxurious

Are you looking for a perfect gift for a candle lover? We have something special! Candles and bath bombs with jewellery worth up to Β£2,500 are hidden inside! Sounds amazing, isn’t it

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Homemade and personal

Are you bored of high street store candles? You burn it, you might even enjoy it, but then… poof… they are gone! Our candles have hidden pieces of jewellery that will stay with you for longer! Join us in the fun, take pictures and don’t forget to tag us!

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Women love beautiful fragrances and jewelry. Diamond Empire Candles offers all solutions in one beautiful glass package! I am delighted with the smell of the candle and how it spreads beautifully throughout my home and the jewelry inside. Perfect service, shipment arrived very quickly. This is definitely not my last purchase from Diamond Empire Candles! I recommend it, perfect for a gift and for yourself.
Klaudia P
I absolutely adore my Madagascar candle from Diamond empire, I have never had such a strong smelling candle at such an affordable price it is so good. My candle included a beautiful set of earrings which I I obsessed with. I also have a bath bomb that I'm.dying to use too. Delivery was super quick and customer service is amazing too.


Handmade candles with jewellery and bath bombs

Enter the world of captivating scents and enjoy our wide selection of handmade bath bombs and delightful candles with surprise jewellery! We strive to pamper our customers with the experience of luxury, comfort and ultimate relaxation. Treat
yourself to one of many different fragrances that await in our collection. From the refreshing, fruity aromas of blueberries, watermelon or cherry, to the deep notes of sweet nuts, vanilla and amber β€” we have it all! Check our offer for unlimited
inspiration and ideas to bring a little charm into your home!

Candles and bath bombs β€” handmade products crafted with special care!

All products in our selection are handmade β€” carefully crafted from natural ingredients, which are a wonderful source of great aromas that will fill your room with the atmosphere of comfort and pleasure. Our goal is to arrange a complete and memorable experience. Starting from the design and looks of our line of products, through all the original fragrances and scents, and ending with a little piece of jewellery, serving as a humble souvenir. Above everything else, we offer unique memories, filled with sensation of inner peace and clarity.

While crafting our handmade bath bombs and candles with jewellery, we put a lot of focus on the process itself. The quality of the products comes from our attention to detail β€” both regarding the selection of materials we use, as well as the nuance of our blends. Every fragrance you can find in our offer is inspired by nature, its marvels and conundrums. We use our experience, craftmanship and dedication, and channel it into a range of products that make a difference! Explore the world of handmade bath bombs and candles β€” enjoy your surprise jewellery!

Don’t wait any longer β€” dive into our collection of scented candles and bath bombs, and explore the world of original aromas, which will totally reshape the aura in your personal space. Also, feel free to contact us, should you have any questions or doubts about our selection of handmade products. We’re here for you!