Just imagine the perfect calm evening after work – you can finally sit back and relax. Play your favourite TV series and prepare delicious snacks, or even maybe pour yourself a glass of wine. We have one more idea: improve your mood thanks to beautiful aromas surrounding you, and they are coming from a candle. The evening can get even better if you receive a lovely gift! How about jewellery, hidden in fruity- or flowery-smelling wax?

You can have all that if you buy an exclusive candle from Diamond Empire! We offer luxurious scented candles with valuable jewellery hidden inside. You never know what you are going to get – it’s a surprise!

Diamond Empire Candles – how does it work?

Inside our candles, in wax there is hidden jewellery, wrapped safely in a foil: earrings, a ring, a necklace, or a bracelet. Their value may vary – sometimes you can get a piece worth hundreds of pounds. Light your candle and let it burn for a while. Then you will discover the foil wrapping. Take it out carefully and after it cools down, you can unwrap your little gift. The jewellery pieces have their special codes which you can check on our website to verify their value.

Beautiful candles, amazing fragrances

Our offer includes extraordinary fragrance combinations. Whether you love fruity blends, or floral scents, among our unique propositions you will find something to suit your liking. There are sensual, musky fragrances, as well as prominent sweet-and-powdery ones. We also couldn’t resist creating some seasonal fragrances; there are a few for Christmas and Halloween.

Thanks to their uniqueness, a jewellery surprise of a great value, and decorative packaging, Diamond Empire Candles are not only the way to pamper yourself, but also the perfect idea for a gift. We strongly recommend giving it to someone special, on any occasion you like: birthday, Christmas, anniversary, Valentine’s Day. Guaranteed that your friend or a loved one will be enchanted with the idea of a scented candle with a surprise inside!