Does your skin get rough at times and you simply want to make it silky smooth and baby-soft? Try our products! Diamond Empire Body Scrubs based on sugar will remove any dead skin cells, dirt and other impurities and pore-blocking debris, making your skin look glowy and feel refreshed. They are available in a wide variety of scents; no matter whether you prefer a sweet bubblegum scent or maybe something more fresh and fruity, Diamond Empire has got your back! You also get a piece of jewellery worth up to £2,500, which is safely hidden in the jar. Explore our wide range of products and order your favourites right away!

Upgrade your bath and shower routine with our sugar body scrubs!

Enjoy smoothing exfoliation from top to toe with our body scrubs and feel the difference in your skin! A specially formulated blend of sugar and the most amazing body oils with additional ingredients will keep your skin feeling soft and radiant. Add it to your personal nighttime routine and use it regularly for the best results! We offer a variety of scents, including:

  • Forest Berries,
  • Madagascar,
  • Watermelon and Kiwi,
  • Bubblegum,

Choose your favourite one and shop for high-quality body scrubs on Diamond Empire!

Treat yourself to Diamond Empire Body Scrub with jewellery

Apply a layer of our scrub to damp skin and massage it with circular motions. Rinse thoroughly and once you get out of a bath or shower, apply your favourite moisturizer. Repeat according to your needs. It’s the best way to exfoliate your skin and make it smooth and soft. Such massage also relaxes the muscles and boosts circulation.

One day when you’re using our body scrub, you’ll be surprised to see a small container inside the jar. It’s a piece of jewellery which is worth up to £2,500. You choose what you want to uncover, be it a pair of earrings, a bracelet, a necklace or a ring in a selected size. The hidden jewellery makes our products amazing Christmas gifts and presents for other occasions. Don’t wait – add to the basket and place an order on Diamond Empire!