Change your typical evening routine into a daily ritual with relaxing scents and ingredients that will make your skin feel like a dream! We carry a diverse range of bath bombs. The classic collection includes such products as Galaxy, Paradise Luxury, Watermelon, Tutti Frutti, Sweet Lollipop and Bubblegum. Browse our unique selection and shop for our must-haves from the classic range!

Add a Diamond Empire bath bomb to your everyday evening routine

Each Diamond Empire product is freshly handmade with love to make sure that it gives you the right amount of frizz and fun. Drop one of our products into hot water and wait for an explosion of colour, aroma, and essential oils. You can add it little by little or just go for it and throw it all in! Drop it in your tube and fall in love with the exquisite scent and colour-swirling art. Carefully selected ingredients make them perfect for any special occasion. They are rich in sea salt and essential oils to relax and make your skin moisturised and nourished. The selected essential oils are also supposed to help enhance or alter your mood. Our fizzers are perfect for soothing sore muscles from a long day at work.

Bath bombs with a hidden jewellery

Our products are the perfect gift idea. Once you’re relaxing in the tube, you will be surprised to see a floating package. It’s a piece of jewellery which was carefully wrapped in two layers of wrapping foil and then placed in a zipped bag to prevent any potential damage. You choose your hidden surprise—a bracelet, a pair of earrings, a necklace or a ring of the selected size. Diamond Empire bombs gently fizz and pop, surprising you with a hidden gem and making your bath water turn a certain colour. Don’t worry – it will disappear once you’ve cleaned it! As for our range – we have a wide selection of products available in a variety of scents and colours perfect for an out-of-this-world experience! From juicy fruits, through floral notes, to sweet flavours, we have bath bombs that will satisfy anyone’s senses!