Bath Bombs Like No Other

A hot bath can remove a day’s stress. Enjoy a relaxing and fragrant bath with our handmade bombs. Each bath bomb is
lovingly crafted with its own unique scent, colours, add-ins and creative design.
All of the bath bombs dissolve to reveal a beautiful piece of jewellery! The hidden jewellery in our luxury bath bombs is
worth up to £2,500.

Have a look at the various styles of bath bombs. Fancy a bath bomb that looks like your favourite confectionary? Want to
entice your little one into taking a bath after they have played in the mud? Crave an aromatic bath to relive memories of
your luxury holiday? Our collection has something for everyone.

Why add a bath bomb to your bath water?

Bath bombs add emollients and softeners that help moisturize your skin. Their wonderful aroma serves as a positive
distraction, immersing you in the hydrating and cleansing process.

Soaking in warm water is known to alleviate muscle aches. Adding a bath bomb enhances the bathing experience,
calming your mind and dissipating the tension in your muscles. By helping you attain a state of complete relaxation,
bathing with a bath bomb helps you sleep better.

Adding a bath bomb to cool water makes for a refreshing bath. The distinct bouquet of your favourite scents activates your
senses, elevates your energy and helps sharpen your focus. A bath bomb can deliver both a relaxing and rejuvenating

Fun with fizz

The bubbles created when a bath bomb dissolves in water are fun for young ones. If your tiny tot hates taking baths,
a bath bomb may convince them to splash about a bit until they’re clean!

Handmade with love

Handmade bath bombs are a product of individual creativity. They are unique in style and aroma. You’ll appreciate the rich blend of scents that you might not find in a bath bomb you picked off the shelf. You’ll be delighted at the splash of
colours, intricate designs and theme-based bath bombs that liven up your baths.

For example, our current range features Halloween-based bath bombs that include a scary ghost, a spooky pumpkin,
witch poison, bloody eyes, and everyone’s favourite – Frankenstein. We also have nature and confectionary themed
handmade bath bombs. We keep updating our range with interesting bath bomb designs and seasonal themes.

Luxury bath bombs

If you love surprises and jewellery, our luxury bath bombs are for you! All of our bath bombs have an item of jewellery
hidden in them. They include a ring, necklace, bracelet or earrings. The jewellery is securely packed inside and won’t get
damaged when the bath bomb dissolves in water.

Explore our bath bombs to see which one will make your bath more enjoyable and rejuvenating.