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Diamond Empire

Jewellery Information

Reveal your surprise jewellery

Join our fun discovering and completing jewellery in sets. Find beautiful and dazzling jewellery with a suggested retail price range between £5 up to £2,500 for each candle or bath bomb made by Diamond Empire.

What kind of jewellery can you find in our Diamond Empire Candles

You can find bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings dedicated to women and pieces of jewellery prepared especially for the taste of men. The surprise jewellery hidden in our candles and bath bombs is made of various materials most popular is silver sterling.

How is our jewellery placed and how long do I have to wait to discover my jewellery?

Jewellery is placed in a zipped bag and then wrapped in two layers of wrapping foil to prevent damage. The discovery of your jewellery lasts from 10h to 20h depending on the location of the jewellery.

How can I find out the value of my jewellery?

Each surprise jewellery hidden in our candles has a label stuck with the information to which price group it is assigned.

All jewellery with a retail price of over £350 has an certificate attached to your order proving the value of your jewellery found.

If you find jewellery from our pricing group, please note that the retail value is approximate and prices may vary.

Ring size

Select the available sizes of rings hidden in our Diamond Empire Candles.

Available from standard British L to S before adding the product to your cart, check out the list below:

16.1mm – 16.5mm L – M
16.92mm – 17.35mm N – O
17.75mm – 19.19mm P – Q
18.61mm – 19.1mm R – S

You can also find re-sizeable rings in our offer, it is a good solution for people who want to make a gift for loved ones without knowing the exact size. When selecting a candle, it is enough to select the appropriate type of jewellery and size from the list.